Works w/ NUnit?

I am evaluating the trial version of ANTS profiler. I am extremely interested in using ANTS in conjunction with a specific NUnit test case. Basically, I want to write tests that test specific portions of my code base, and I want to profile those tests. Any suggestions?


  • ANTS Profiler can do this fine. Just profile nunit-gui.exe itself and use NUnit as you normally do. When you take a snapshot, ANTS will get results from all assemblies in the same process as NUnit, which will include your test-cases.

    To be more precise:
    1) Load up ANTS
    2) In the wizard, choose nunit-gui.exe
    3) Click 'Start Profiling'
    4) When NUnit is loaded, open your myTest.dll or whatever, and Start it
    5) Take snapshots whenever you feel like it. The returned data will include your tests.

    If you have any issues with this, please get back in touch.
    Jason Crease
    Red Gate Software
  • Well, now that makes perfect sense. Thanks!
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