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License = # of computers..?

jreynoldsjreynolds Posts: 31
edited February 13, 2007 8:37PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I installed SQL Prompt 3 on my home, as well as work computer.

I've scoured the help file in the activation area for an understanding as to how many computers I can use this on; I would assume that two would be the max, but one would be too restrictive.

I can't find anything concerning license restrictions - could someone please let me know if this is OK?


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    Please contact sales (sales@red-gate.com) regarding any licensing issues.


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    By not answering this question directly, and requiring it to go to a private forum such as email, it really seems like you guys have something to hide in regards to licensing. What's really odd about this is that the information IS available on the site, so I'm not sure why someone from red-gate couldn't answer it directly (Even if Tilman didn't know, couldn't someone from sales have responded?).

    Anyway, jreynolds, the licensing info is at http://www.red-gate.com/products/SQL_Prompt/license.htm. I got there from the SQL Prompt product page, on the right-hand menu, there was a link for Licensing. The part that answers your question is in section 5.1. The summary is it can be used on a single computer, with a single backup copy that isn't installed on a computer.
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    I emailed them and received a prompt reply - I assure you there was nothing odd or insidious about it.
    The information from the link you provided states basically the same as the email I received.
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    That's interesting. I asked the same question prior to the release (I was considering a pre-order), because I wanted to use it for both professional and personal use. I was told that I *could* in fact install on both with one license. Actually, I was told up to three activations.

    I still have the email where I asked the question and received this response. There was no indication that this was a "special offer" either.
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    jader201 wrote:
    I still have the email where I asked the question and received this response. There was no indication that this was a "special offer" either.

    No need for the e-mail ... clear as daylight @ http://www.red-gate.com/products/SQL_Prompt/license.htm :)

    "Software is licensed per user. For example, if you and two of your colleagues are using the software you will need 3 licenses. However, if you are the only person using the software but you need to use it on two machines, you will only need one license."

    Although it's a bit vague regarding 3 licenses, each one installed on two machines (personal and office)
    Graeme Slogrove
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