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USE command sometime don't work

EsioNEsioN Posts: 103
edited January 29, 2007 8:17PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

Sometimes, when using "USE <DB>", SQLPrompt still shome the schema from the oldier database. I need to repeat the command or use the databases combo in QA to get my actual schema.

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    Bart ReadBart Read Posts: 997 Silver 1
    Hi Esio,

    That's very interesting. It's something we've not seen. You ought to generally be able to do the following:

    USE db1


    USE db2


    USE db3


    USE db4


    and get code completion pop up for the right database depending on where your cursor is in the script. There are really only a couple of provisos:

    (i) It can take some time to load or re-load the meta-data for the different databases so there's usually a delay before the right code completion appears.

    (ii) If you've blacklisted say db4 to stop SQL Prompt caching it and then move the cursor down below the "USE db4" command you'll get intellisense popup for whatever the last database was you used (this obviously isn't ideal).

    Having said that, if it is going wrong I'd really be grateful if you could provide me with a small sample script that would reproduce it since we've never yet seen this happen during testing.

    Bart Read
    Principal Consultant
    bartread.com Ltd
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    I don't have a specific script.
    I just type my statementes in one database, then I clear my command window (using ctrl+shift+del), then I type use <db> alt+x, then I again clear my command window and start typing my new command.
    Sometimes, SQL Prompt brings me the oldier database schema.

    Ésio Nunes
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