Understanding Profiling Times

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Hi Bill,

ANTS Profiler slows applications down tremendously, which, although
we've done our best to minimize the effects, is going to happen because the
application needs be be a dubug build, plus there is overhead in monitoring
the CLR.

We have a built-in algorithm that should compensate for the profiling
overhead when you get the results back, so there shouldn't be a discrepancy
this large. The only exception is if you have got a lot of recursion in your
code. This is explained in the FAQ: http://www.red-gate.com/dotnet/faq.htm.

Hopefully that is the cause of the inflated times.


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Bill S" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Hello,
> I'm new to using ANTS. It's been easy to use so far.
> I do have a question about profiling time.
> I wrote a simple console app that puts a million values in a hash table
> gets them out again.
> When I run it in by itself and measure its elapsed time using our timer
> class, I get 2.8 seconds.
> When I run it under ANTS, it takes 6.1 seconds. How should I interpret
> discrepency?
> Thanks,
> Bill S
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