Is WPF supported in ANTS profiler 2.7.1?


Does ANTS profiler support WPF .Net 3.0 apps yet?

WPF is now live and released and all our new developments are using it.

As someone stated here last year, when starting a profiling session the profiler typically freezes up (working, 100% CPU) and the main window of the application is never opened.

I am using the build.

Is this a known issue?
Does ANTS profiler support profiling of WPF apps at all?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Unfortunately I would hesitate to answer this until it has been relentlessly tested by the Red Gate testing team, which it has not been at this point.

    We endeavour to ensure that WPF and WCF are fully supported in version 3, due out March/April 2007.
  • Hi,

    As Brian says, prior to V3, we haven't explicitly tested WPF / WCF applications, so, whilst they may work, they aren't supported.

    That said, I'd be interested to hear more about your problem so we can ensure it's fixed in the next release.

    Is it the target application that's consuming all the CPU, or the ANTS Profiler UI? If you've got a moment to do some debugging, the following might help as well:

    - Try starting profiling with the profiler disabled (so click the "disable profiler" button on the toolbar before "start profiling") - then enable it once your application has (hopefully) loaded. Obviously this doesn't help if you want to profile the startup of your application, but it might help if that's not the bit you're concerned about.

    - Try deleting the PDB file(s) associated with your application (or moving them away) - this will mean you don't get the line-level timings and source code view, but I'd be interested to hear if this solves the problem.

    As Brian said, we're working towards version 3 at the moment, so please let me know if you'd be interested in participating in a pre-release programme when we get closer to the time.

    Many thanks,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
  • Hi,

    Thank you both for the feedback and suggestions.

    I've been starting profiling with the profiler disabled and it works great, thank you.

    I'd be very keen to participate in a v3 pre-release programme, I see Ants Profiler as being indispensible to us going forwards.. so anything we can do to help you lot is a good for us too!

    Best wishes

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