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when is 3.1 coming?

bisbis Posts: 28
edited January 23, 2007 1:23PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
This release still includes bugs that I and others have brought up previously:
  • The candidate list interferes with typing table aliases and SQL keywords ("where", "order by", "group by", etc)
  • No foreign key candidates are displayed for joins from a table to more than one referenced tables. e.g.
    select *
    from Contracts c
    join Clients cl on c.ClientID = cl.ClientID
    join ContractTypes ct on [no completion]
  • multi-column foreign key suggestions don't work properly. (Koins on individual columns are displayed in addition to the correct join on the full key.)
  • candidate list font colors do not match Windows' color scheme and are not configurable (so they are wrong for a white-on-black color scheme, i.e. High Contrast Black)

And a non-bug, but still obnoxious:
  • tables with foreign keys to other tables already in the query are not given preference over tables with none. (This is true even if "include matching column names" and "include matching data types" are unchecked.)

It looks like I will go back to using SQL Prompt 2 until SQL Prompt at-least-3.1 comes out.


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    Bart ReadBart Read Posts: 997 Silver 1
    Hi there,

    Thanks for your enquiry. We don't yet have a timetable for the 3.1 release and haven't decided what might go in to it yet.

    I'm not sure what the problem is with your join, we are unable to reproduce it here. Could you please verify that your version number is

    The multi-column foreign key support works as designed: we may add an option to exclude all conditions but the one on all columns in the key in a future release. The current behaviour mimics that of SQL Prompt 2 and earlier versions of PromptSQL where multi-column foreign keys were not fully supported. We *do* fully support them but we also provide the additional join conditions for consistency with previous product versions.

    We'll look into the colour issue: generally we pick up colours from whatever colour schema you happen to be using, although high contrast does provide some particular challenges in this regard.

    Kind regards,
    Bart Read
    Principal Consultant
    bartread.com Ltd
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    I am indeed using

    I can reliably reproduce the problem with the join, like so:
    create table A(a_id int not null primary key)
    create table B(b_id int not null primary key)
    create table C(c_id int not null primary key, a_id int not null foreign key references A(a_id), b_id int not null foreign key references B(b_id))
    -- update the SQL Prompt cache
    select *
    from C c
    join A a on c.a_id = a.a_id
    join B b on [completion list does not include the join from C to B]

    The behavior of SQL Prompt with regards to multi-column foreign keys strikes me as being an optimization for the uncommon case. Yes, on rare occasions I only want to join on some of the key columns, but I would by far prefer to have SQL Prompt spit out the full relationship and then delete the unwanted conditions myself to SQL Prompt making me cursor around the completion list every time I want to make the normal join.
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