Profiling my code just fine, but not .NET libraries?

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Hi David,

By default, ANTS Profiler excludes the System. and Microsoft. namespaces
from the results. If you want to see your ASP .Net calls in the results,
then you'll want to go into the project settings and click the Namespaces
tab, then remove ASP from the list of excluded namespaces.


Brian Donahue
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"David Deutsch" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> I just downloaded the trial, and must say I am impressed by the ease of
> I didn't RTFM, just told it to profile all web apps, ran a few pages, and
> boom, got some results. However, I can't see ASP.NET calls. For example, I
> have a function which takes a long time. None of the Sub functions are
> taking anytime, so I figure it must be it's call to Page.LoadControl. But
> this is not listed as one of the sub functions, so I'm not sure how long
> that call is taking. Any ideas what is wrong?
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