Data is not getting inserted into the database

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I am new to this ANTS tool. Yesterday i installed trail version and started working on it. The page i am testing is a page to submit data. I recorded a script and then ran it for 5 virtual users. Load test is passed. but when i went ot the database (SQl server) and checked it, it inserted the data only once when i submitted the data while recorded the script. But it didn't insert data, whne i ran it for 5 virtual users. please help me........



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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hello Sireesha,

    This is a very common issue with ANTS Load. The solutions are various, since ANTS Load only sends simple requests to a web server and has no interaction at all with the application apart from that, we have to assume that the test is not successful and find a way to troubleshoot it. Since you do have one successful insert, the test script must be correct, but not able to be run multiple times. Some common issues:
    • The test user needs to login/logout in the script. Try making sure that the virtual user logs out at the end of the test script.
    • There is some dynamic data that needs to be grabbed from the response page in order to be posted back to the server. ANTS Load, if you use the recorded script, is always posting the same data. This may work once, but not in subsequent attempts.
    • The test may be marked as successful, rather than failed, because of custom error pages. If server errors are resulting in HTTP 200 OK instead of an HTTP 4xx/5xx error, then the only way to find any errors is to use me.logtofile(WebClient.HttpResponse.Content) and having a look at the antstracelog.txt file.
    I'm sorry there is no easy answer here -- since almost all web applications are bespoke, the answer depends on how the web application is designed.
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