Snapshot for Data Compare?

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Is it possible to create and distribute a data snapshot, similar to the schema snapshot file? If so, is it possible for the data compare engine to load the data snapshot and compare it to a live database?


  • Hi,

    Currently there are no plans to introduce a data snapshot facility into the SQL Data Compare engine. However, I think it has been discussed.

    I will pass on the suggestion again; hopefully it will be implemented in a future version.
  • I think you can do that now. well not exactly the way you think.

    Create a pristine database add defaults and data you need to be packaged.
    1. Create Snapshot file with SQLCompare for Schema.
    2. Run SQL DataCompare and create InsertSQL File.
    Include that with you application that uses Snapshot file. After running the snapshot file, run the sql file to insert all the data you want. I like it this way that way i can manually change script if needed.
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