Problem viewing some source files

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Hi Chris,

Have you tried giving read/write permissions to everyone in the source
code folders for the dlls?

This has worked in the past although I still can't find a possible
explanation for it.


Brian Donahue
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"Chris Powell" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Here's my problem:
> I have a VB.Net exe that has a group of Dlls that it uses to
> do it's tasks. These were all compiled debug. Also they are strong named.
> never recompile the Exe but as I make changes to the Dlls I make changes
> them and then modify the Exes config to redirect the binding of the dlls
> the new dlls (Each version set of dlls goes in its own directory)
> Example of directory structure:
> <===============================>
> Base Dir
> 2.95.1654.17659
> 2.96.1654.17659
> <===============================>
> I can profile this fine and get procedure timings and 100 worst functions
> and the like, but can only get source to show up for the exe. I copied the
> *.pbd files for each exe/dll next to the appropriate item, I then tried
> copying all the *.pdb files next to the exe still no dice. Also when I'm
> looking at one of the subs or modules from these other dlls the
> source control is grayed out. Is there any way for me to look at line
> in these dlls.
> Chris
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