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Can't create issue after moving aardvark to new server

itaiteitaite Posts: 2
edited February 2, 2007 12:18PM in Aardvark

We've moved Aardvark to a new server, as the original server recently became unusable.

Our support staff ran the Aardvark setup program (accepting all defaults) rather than follow the procedure in the technical document for a manual install where SQL and Aardvark are on the same computer.

When I took over, I detached the blank Aardvark SQL database and attached the Aardvark SQL database from the old server, then resolved some SQL login name issues.

I can log on to Aardvark and view issues. I can change and save my personal details.

When I try to add an issue, I along with several other users get the error message "You do not have enough licences to raise bugs - please check your licence status".

At first I thought this was because of incorrect SQL permissons, but now I've concluded that I need to restore the license key file or do something to re-enter a license key. Incidentally, the new server name is not the same as the old server name.

We have a file-level backup of all of the files from the original server, but sadly no access to the old registry as the server will no longer boot.

What are your recommendations for restoring Aardvark to full normal operation?




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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Ian,

    This could be a problem, as we don't have the ability to generate new Aardvark serial numbers any more. If you have any details about who purchased it or what the invoice number is, I'd be happy to look them up if I can.
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