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Line breaks in MS_description - feature request

TimPigdenTimPigden Posts: 9
edited January 17, 2007 7:03AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
You are currently ignoring line breaks in the MS_description field, or at least line breaks put there with the 2005 sql server management studio. Just to test I put <br> in - which you neatly escaped in the html, so that it shows up as line break here<br>please in the web page.

Can we have some way of formatting this? It would be so useful, especially for things like stored procedures and "what is this table for" type comments, which need a bit of formatting as they get quite long - 800 characters, which I believe is the max, is almost a page, after all.


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    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I will put that issue forward to be fixed in a future release. (we have just completed SQL Doc 1.1.)
    Currently there is no way to format the information. I would have thought that keeping line breaks and spaces would have helped in the formating? Have you got any further suggestions?
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