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When I am trying to profile Dotnetnuke (3.2) web application, profiler only displays functions and code of Global.asax file and nothing else. No code for modules that we developed or any other page's code.
The solution compiled in DEBUG mode with all modules in DEBUG mode. .pdb files are in /bin directory... Could you point us to the right direction? What are we missing?



  • Hi there,

    sorry to hear that this is being difficult. The easiest way to check out this kind of problem is to add the 'Module File' column in 'All methods' tab. You can do this by right clicking on the column headers and selecting 'Choose columns'

    The 'Module File' column will show you the exact file that corresponds to each method. If you expect to be able to see source code for a given method you need to verify that there is a pdb in the same location as the dll.

    This may not be working as you expect for ASP.NET because the files are loaded from 'temporary files' rather than your build directory.

    Hope this helps

    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • Just wanted to clarify....
    when you say "This may not be working as you expect for ASP.NET because ..." does that mean that it is impossible to profile because that is the way .net framework works and there is no work around? So simply speaking ANTS Profile is useless when it comes to profile .net web application?
    Or am i missunderstanding your post?

    Thank you,
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    I think the point is that ASP .NET may be dynamically compiling the web application. In that case, the actual assembly being run exists in the 'Temporary ASP .NET files' folder in the Framework installation subfolder. If your application compiles dynamically, setting the DEBUG attribute in the web.config or in the ASP .NET 2.0 tab in the website's IIS configuration may get the source code to appear and therefore make the 'show only methods that have source code' functionality to stop filtering absolutely everything out.
  • Let me provide more info.
    We are running .net 1.1 NOT 2.0... on IIS6. The DEBUG is set to true in web.config. App is compiled in DEBUG mode and each .dll has corresponding .pdb file.

    I cleared temp directory and then run Profile - still no luck. It shows only methods from Global.asax.
    Do you have some kinda "troubleshooting check list" ?

  • Hi,

    Are you currently profiling "Only .NET methods with source code", or "All .NET methods"?

    If the former, try changing this to "All .NET methods" - this should at least cause your method names to be listed, even if (for now) without source code.

    Having got the method listings, try looking at the module path as Tom suggests - this might give you a clue to where ANTS is trying to find the source code.

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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