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Precision & scale not specified in migration SQL for UDDT to system type

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited March 6, 2003 1:04PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Lance,

Thanks for pointing this out. This will definitely get fixed in the next


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"Lance Powell" <lpowell@tribute.com> wrote in message
> It appears that there is a glitch in the generated migration SQL when a
> user-defined numeric data type is migrated to a system-supplied numeric
> type.
> For example, I have a UDDT "mytype" that is defined as numeric(19,4) and
> change a "mytype" column to numeric(19,5).
> The migration SQL creates the temporary table column definition correctly
> with numeric(19,5), but the insert statement attempts to cast without
> including precision and scale--CAST ([column_name] AS numeric).
> It seems the script should not include the cast and rely on implicit
> conversion--as it does when migrating from one system numeric data type to
> another--or include the complete data type in the cast--CAST
> AS numeric(precision, scale)).
> Thank you.
> Lance Powell
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