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Unhelpful messages

EricEric Posts: 35
edited January 12, 2007 5:37AM in SQL Dependency Tracker

The Message report can have hundreds (I have 583 in one project) messages and some of them are useful but very hard to find because they are hidden among "normal" ones.

Unable to resolve object '[INFORMATION_SCHEMA].[KEY_COLUMN_USAGE]' in database '[MyServer].[MyDb]' referenced by function [snip] Ensure the SQL defining this object is correct.

Not resolving references to system objects is not a problem. Same thing with lots of unresolved references to temporary objects (mostly temporary tables).

It would be useful to be able to see meaningful messages only. Maybe 3 tabs (user objects, temp objects, system objects) or have a preference not to display some unresolved types.


ps (other topic): it is not always obvious to identify the dependency itself. For example, we have tables with both PK and UK and a foreign key sometimes is through a unique key, not the primary key.



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