Installation/Registration Broken

We bought a five user license for sql compare.

Entering the license key for authentication via internet or via email yields something like this:

Thank you for sending in your activation request.

Unfortunately, there was a problem activating your software:

The serial number is not registered for this product

Please contact sales@red-gate.com for more information.

Downloads, reinstalls, registry cleanings, and everything else refuses to disperse this message.

Emails to sales and support not yet returned.

Thoughts? Before we spend the time to figure out how to make the trial work forever I'd like to see if this problem can actually be fixed through normal means.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hello Brian,

    The error message means, that although your serial number is perfectly valid, it is for a different product or version of the software. If you have a look at your invoice, you may have different serial numbers for SQL Compare, Data Compare, and Dependency Tracker/DTS Package Compare. Or you may have a single serial number for the whole bundle.

    So you may want to check the serial number you are using against your invoice.

    Another issue is that you could be activating the command-line version of SQL Compare, which requires you to have the 'professional edition' licence rather than the standard edition.
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