The web application .... has not loaded the .Net framework.

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I've just reinstalled ANTS Profiler on a newly imaged laptop. However, I'm getting the dreaded error message above. I found another thread on the topic which recommended loading up Microsoft's Process Explorer and exploring some of the process information. Here's what I found out:

* In processes, I have RedGate.Profiler.Service.exe running. inetinfo.exe is running underneath that, and aspnet_wp.exe is running under that.

* I can not find the file mscoree.dll running under aspnet_wp.exe.

* aspnet_wp.exe is running under the correct account (machine_name/ASPNET)

* On the environment tab, the variable COR_PROFILER is not set anywhere.

Hopefully this gives you enough information to help out.

Many thanks in advance!


  • Nevermind - I found the problem. I was setting the directory to the development location instead of the directory located under inetpub. Pointing it to the latter location solved all problems.

    Thanks anyway!
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