ANTS Profiler logon failure

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Hello everybody,

If you are profiling an ASP .net web application with ANTS Profiler and
you use a domain account as your ASP .net security account by specifying it
in your machine.config's processModel, you may get logon errors or
difficulties starting IIS because of inadequate user rights for the ASPNET

You can specify a user for ASP .net in the machine.config file under
the processModel attribute. This user needs the 'log on as a batch job'
right in particular. That right is most often overlooked because it's not
strictly needed to run ASP .net, but Microsoft gives its' ASPNET user this
right when you install the Framework so most ANTS Profiler users don't run
against this problem.

To assign the 'log on as a batch job' right, open your Local Security
Policy editor from your Control Panel and click on Local Policies->User
Rights Assignment. Double-click 'Log on as a batch job' and add the account
that you use to run ASP .net applications.

This information applies to ANTS Profiler version 1.22 and lower.


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