Difference with Backup DB & Restore DB

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Hi Could someone tell me what's the difference between using sql package and T-SQL Backup DB & Restore DB?

I just downloaded a trial edition, and did a test. It tooks ~1.5 hours to create a 3GB database. If the disk space is always sufficient, does any other value to use this software? 8)


  • Hi,

    Essentially the end result will be the same. The main difference is that you can create an .exe file that will handle the install/upgrade process with a few click of a button, rather than the manual approach of using a backup/restore. Also, it is easy to distribute and run by anybody. You could also package the application as part of an installer.

    Another useful feature is that you can exclude objects from the schema, and the data if you need to.

    There are many other reasons why SQL Packager could be of use, it is really dependent on what you intend to achieve by using it.
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