Source code in an ASP.NET project

Just wondering how I can get the profiler to see the code for an ASP.NET project I'm trying to profile. I've moved the .pdb file to the same directory as the application but when I profile the app it never seems to find the symbol table.

Is there something specific I can do to get the profiler to see and display all of the source code I've written within the context of the profiler.




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    Hi Ralan

    Source code will only be shown if you have profiled a debug build of your application. If you have profiled a release build, then no source code will be available.

    Can you please confirm that you are profiling a debug build of your application?

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  • Yes, I'm trying to profile a debug build.
  • Hi Ralan,

    sorry to hear that this is being difficult. The easiest way to check out this kind of problem is to add the 'Module File' column in 'All methods' tab. You can do this by right clicking on the column headers and selecting 'Choose columns'

    The 'Module File' column will show you the exact file that corresponds to each method. If you expect to be able to see source code for a given method you need to verify that there is a pdb in the same location as the dll.

    This may not be working as you expect for ASP.NET because the files are loaded from 'temporary files' rather than your build directory.

    Hope this helps

    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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