SQL Toolkit 5.3 released

david connelldavid connell Posts: 172 Silver 1
edited December 18, 2006 12:59PM in SQL Toolkit Previous Versions
We've just released version 5.3 of the SQL Bundle. You can download it from:

https://www.red-gate.com/Dynamic/downlo ... =sqltookit

The following issues were addressed

SQL Compare/SQL Data Compare/SQL Packager
    Vista support SQL Bundle Installer now supports Running installer in quiet mode

SQL Compare
    Improved support of non-compliant assemblies Improved .NET2 Snapshots with XML Schema Collections Improved Dependency calculating in Synchronization Support for multiple column INCLUDEs in INDEX es

SQL Data Compare
    Improved support for Scripts created as Unicode when non-Latin collation Improved support for Foreign keys (now recreated with SET NULL or SET DEFAULT)
    Fully qualified names now used when specifiying table names for indexes and columns
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