Bug with 'Create Clone' feature

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I think I may have hit a bug with the 'Create Clone' feature. Here's a description and repro steps. A workaround is also provided. Would it be possible to have this looked at for a fix?

BUG: When a project is cloned using the 'Create Clone' button or drop-down-menu selection, a clone of the project is created. However, custom comparison keys are not ported over with the cloned project. In fact, once a project is cloned, even the custom comparison keys in the ORIGINAL (source) for the clone are cleared out.


1. Create a new comparison project between two data sources.
2. Create a custom key on one or more tables between the two sources.
3. 'X' out of the comparison project. (If you go back in, you will see the custom mapping still there)
4. Using the drop-down menu, select 'Create Clone'
5. Select either project. You will see that the custom mapping is gone.

After step 2, instead of 'X'ing out of the project, instead hit 'Compare Now', then immediately cancel. Then 'X' out of the project. For some reason, the act of running and cancelling the Compare Now will save the custom key specification such that it will be preserved on both sides of the clone once the clone is created.



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Jamie,

    SQL Data Compare re-creates the mappings on a cloned project the first time you use it to compare two new databases. The saved mappings would not necessarily be valid when you change databases, so the mappings get re-initialized to the default values (all tables with a primary key are mapped).

    I like the very clever workaround, though!
  • I have the same database on multiple servers, and I need to transfer data from some tables between them when then get updated in the master database. The first time, I selected only the usual group of tables and performed the syncronization from server A to B. To do the same data transfer between A and C, I decided to clone the project.

    I noticed that when I changed the destination database server from the clone, Data Compare saved this new project on disk with a name similar to the original project (with the original destination database server name), so when re-opening it, Data Compare opens the wrong one, displaying the original parameters.

    My workaround was:
    - locate the clone in disk (using that option) after the comparison and before closing the project
    - close the cloned project
    - (optional) open the file to check that the xml references the right databases
    - rename the file, changing the proper server.database name
    - restart SQL Data Compare to refresh the comparison projects
    - open the cloned project and check for my group of tables

    I just upgraded to 5.3 and this bug persists :(

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