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Is there any way to embed a table description into the output possibly where the Properties appear in the table output.

Previously you provided a mean to stop the SQL Script generation which was helpful. However, the words/link SQL Script still appears under the Quick Links heading of each table output . Is there any way to remove these words?



  • Hi there,
    Currently there is not. I will investigate what can be done.
  • Hi,
    Thanx for the reply. Does this mean that there is some time frame attached to your comment ?

    If so I would appreciate an answer sooner rather than later as the eval period is rapidly closing and we need to make a purchase decision soon

  • Hi mm0073,
    With the current version, you should be able to document the table by editing the description. This description will appear just below the table name & breadcrumbs, but above the properties. This description will also appear on the list of tables page. Most objects can be documented this way, by using extended properties.
    The hidding of SQL Script, I have put in something into the upcoming version that will stop the SQL Script (& link) from being outputted, however there will be no UI to support this feature, but it should cover what you want.
    Regarding time frame, I was hoping to have this point release out by January 2007 sometime. Hope that helps.
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