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When I export the results I would like to export only the tables with differences. I have over 1200 tables in my databses and in a particular comparision I got 58 tables with differences. So on the Export Comparison results I unchecked the Identical button in the rows to include section. However every table is checked to be exported. I could uncheck all of the them (but unchecked 1200 tables is tedious) and then check only the 58 I need. However this would also take a long time as I need a list of the 58 tables. Can sometime be added to check uncheck all tables as well as check only tables with differences or only tables that could not be compared or only identical tables, just like the grouping on the online results screen?


  • Hi,

    The functionality to check or uncheck all objects in a group is already available in the software. This can be done by right-clicking in the results for that group.

    I will pass your other suggestion to the developers, if it is approved it will be available in a future version. Unfortunately I cannot promise which version.

    I hope this helps
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