Unable to Profile a Dot Net Web Application

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If you start the web application yourself, you can also profile it using
ANTS if you de-select the 'Start taking measurements immediately' checkbox,
press OK, and press GO on the control window when you're ready to start.

Does the profiler work properly when you use it this way?


Brian Donahue
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"Binod Nair" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I have a ASP.NET web applicaction build using .NET Framework 1.0 v
> and Microsoft Development Environment 2002 v 7.0.9466 .I am using the eval
> version of ANTS v 1.22 Build 137.
> The application is set in DEBUG mode and I start profiling.It restarts the
> IIS 5.0 and just sits there.It doesn't start the web application as
> mentioned in the help docs.So I went and started the application from IE
> browsed thru a couple of pages but ANTS is still waiting with all the
> buttons disabled.Since that dint help , I killed ANTS and started the
> application from Visual Studio in both modes CTL + F5 and also F5 mode and
> no luck on that.
> I would really appreciate help from any folks out there .
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