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Embedded comments, etc within SQL SPs

DavidAtABCDavidAtABC Posts: 16
edited November 29, 2006 5:39AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions

I like the tool - I've been waiting a long time for Red-Gate to do this tool and all of a sudden it appeared - thanks guys.

I evaluated a competitors tool some time back and haven't bought it yet, because I prefer your tools and wanted to give you a chance to produce it - glad I waited!

I'd like to propose a couple of extra features:

Ability for SQL Doc to parse and use embedded comments, eg:

--##SUMMARY - gives a summary of the SP's function
--##REMARKS - any remarks
--##SEEALSO - links to related SPs
--##PARAM - details about a parameter

These are then used to further detail the information produced by SQL Doc, making the documentation even more useful.

Thanks Guys.


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    Hi David
    Thanks for your comments.

    I have some questions for you.
    Do you use a standard too to generate these embedded comments? If not why do you use ##SUMMARY etc?
    Which version of SQL Server are you using?
    Does anyone else (ie other companies) do similar things and if so do you know what?

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    Sorry, I was not wanting mention a competitor in a public forum, however, these comments are used with ApexSQL Doc and provide quite a powerful means of adding useful comments which appear in seperate sections of the output documentation for each SP.

    The comments are manually inserted.

    I use both MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

    Hope that helps,

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