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GUI Enhancement request

kepr00kepr00 Posts: 43 Bronze 2
edited November 29, 2006 4:13AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I have a suggestion for an enhancement on the 5.2 GUI.

The side by side view for the difference comparison is pretty good.

I would like to see in addition to this an over/under comparison based on the line that is currently selected in the side by side view. The over/under comparison would only show the current line selected. Beyond compare does this in it GUI.

Does that make sence?

Steve T


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    Hi kepr00,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we have previously considered but time constraints have meant that this hasn't made it into the product. It's certainly something I'd like to see in there so it will be something we'll look at closely for any future versions.


    Usability Engineer
    Red Gate Software
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