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Output Filtering, links to Dependency Checker images

david connelldavid connell Posts: 172 Silver 1
edited November 28, 2006 1:28PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback.
You should be able just to click on Tables in order to document all the tables. We are thinking about additional configuration options (for example not displaying SQL or the Statistics or ....)
Integrating with Dependency Viewer is a cool idea. We currently have no plans to do this, but hopefully we can re-look at that idea in the future.
Yes I must admit my spelling is awful, it's a feature that I would like too.
Best Regards


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    Thanks for pointing out the the checkboxes. They were the first thing I noticed but then quickly overlooked. That helps a lot already.

    Is there any "back door" perhaps for embedding HTML links into the documentation area? That way I at least could add a link to images exported from Dependency tracker.

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    Hi Rick,
    I like your thinking but nothing intentional from the SQL Doc end.
    I have spoken to Bart (one of the lead developers on SQL Dependency Tracker) and he said that if you exported the image out of Dependency Tracker as a meta file, you could in theory generate an image map that hooked up to the relevant HTML pages. This would be very time consuming but theortically possible.
    Sorry not to be more helpful.
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