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Backup Alerts

mipe10mipe10 Posts: 72 New member
edited November 23, 2006 10:08AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
It would be nice if you had an option of excluding one or more databases, just as you have with the system databases. For example i do full, differential and transactional on 5 databases on a sql instance, but only run full backup on another database on the same sql instance.

It would also be nice if you could set (highlight databases with no recent backup history) the time for transactional backups on databases in minutes, since we run that backup every 15 minutes which i think is very common.



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    Thanks for your somments. You should, though, be able to exclude any databases from a multiple backup job like this:
    BACKUP DATABASES EXCLUDE [Northwind, MASTER, AdventureWorks]
    I realize that in the User Interface, you need to manually choose the databases, so we can definitely improve there, but just to let you know, you can tweak the backup job's script to get it to do exactly what you need.
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