Request improvement to generated scripts

jstangroomejstangroome Posts: 26
edited November 14, 2006 12:24PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
The scripts generated by SQL Compare and other Red Gate products (ie SQL Refactor) output a PRINT 'Some Action' line before the actual action. This is very useful when a script fails because I can look immediately above the error message and see the last message (ie "Dropping dbo.myStoredProc") to know where the problem is occurring.

However, these scripts often include many "exec sp_refreshview" lines to ensure views are up to date and sometimes trying to refresh the view against a changed table schema can cause errors to occur at this point.

Could you add a PRINT 'Refreshing dbo.myView' line to the script before each such action to help diagnose these faults when they occur?

Thank you,

- Jason


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