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kzakoskikzakoski Posts: 10
Can the script that is generated by SQL Packager be modified prior to making the .net executable?

We currently use AppRole security and I would like to replace the default '[email protected]' with the correct password so when the DB is created, we don't need to drop and recreate the AppRole account and permissions.


Kevin Z.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for asking. Packager doesn't have an option to set the default new login passwords; they are always set to [email protected]

    One possibility may be to save the package as a Visual Studio Project, then try editing the script resource directly inside the project, replacing [email protected] with the password. Another option would be to excluse the users from the package, then create them outside of Packager with a SQL script and run the script using the package's /presql command when you deploy the package.
  • Thanks, I also tried to exclude the approle, but Packager continues to add it to the script. Either way, it looks like we will need to perform some type of clean-up because there is no way to change the PW for AppRoles within SQL.

    Is there any future app enhancement that may allow the modification of user passwords in the scripts? This isn't only a SQL Packager request, the same is needed for SQL Compare, although in Compare I can copy the script and manually run it in a query window.

    Kevin Z.
  • cynicszmcynicszm Posts: 7 New member
    We have the same issue using Packager 5.4. and found this topic - with 5000+ views it seems pretty popular but doesn't have a reply from Red Gate.

    Is there an enhancement planned to fix this?
  • cynicszmcynicszm Posts: 7 New member
    Hello? - does anyone from Red Gate monitor these forums??
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