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Hi there,
Just trying to use SQLCompare for the first time.
I hope there is a simple solution to the following error message.
I choose a server and then try to select from a list of possible databases and then i get this:

'The list of databases for the specified SQL server could not be retrieved. The Collation specified by SQL Server is not supported.'

Just so you know, the collation on my server is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS.
This is the collation at server level, the collation at db level and table level is just set to the default.
Application: SQL Server Personal Edition
OS: Windows NT 5.1

if there is a reason for this not to be supported, is there something like a plug-in etc that might fix it?



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    I’m not completely sure why you might be getting this error. There is a known issue that SQL Compare can have a problem with the collations on SQL Server 7 databases. What version is the database that is having the problem?

    Do you have any other SQL 2000 databases that you can test SQL Compare with? I have also been looking at the Microsoft site and they do not think that SQL Server Personal Edition is supported under XP, maybe this is a factor.
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    Just an update in case anyone searches this forum in future with this problem.
    We came to the conclusion that the issue was one of corruption, we
    re-installed SQL server and that worked for us.
    So it was not a SQLCompare issue but a SQL Server issue.
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    Thanks for letting us know how you resolved this. :D
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