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Licensing question on SQL Backup for log shipping feature

ehunaehuna Posts: 15
edited November 7, 2006 4:40PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I understand the licensing model for SQL Backup: one fee per server.

In our company we generally try to test anything we use in a development or QA environment before actually deploying it to Production.

1) If I'm using the log shipping feature of SQL Backup Pro, do I need two licenses: one for the primary and one for the secondary server?

2) Do I need to buy a license for my QA server(s) to test SQL Backup (in this case log shipping) on our QA enviroment?

I know there's a 14 day trial on SQL backup, but I need to know what happens after the 14 days are over.


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    Hi there,

    With regards to licensing you are probably best off contacting our sales department, you can reach them at sales@red-gate.com or on the phone:
    1 866 733 4283 (toll free USA and Canada)
    0800 169 7433 (UK free phone)
    +44 (0)870 160 0037 (rest of the world)

    They will be able to sort out any licensing questions you have and make sure you get what you need out of the trial period.

    Hope this helps,

    - James
    James Moore
    Head of DBA Tools
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Got it, thanks.

    For those having the same question you need a license on any servers where you'll be backing up or restoring data (a full backup or logs).

    This means that if you are setting up log shipping, you need at least two licenses: one for your production server (source) and one for the standby (destintion).

    The good news is that you don't need licenses for the UI portion, so you could install it in your workstation as well as some Production systems used only for configuration, etc...

    Note: this is true today, Red Gate could of course change this any time.
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