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In the Confirmation (last) step while Synchronizing, I checked the "Save a copy of the SQL script" box. It doesn't appear that the file was saved. I expected to see an additional "Save as" dialog when this box is checked. Is there a default location to look for the script?

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    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your post into the Forum.

    When you check the 'Save a copy of the SQL Script' box.

    The file is automatically saved using the criteria set in the Application Options.

    You can access the Application Options from the Tools Menu / Application Options.

    The upper section is where you set the SQL Viewer Application to SQL Query Analyser or SQL Server Management Studio or Custom Program.

    The Lower section deals with the Saving of SQL Scripts. The SQL script is saved into the folder set in the SQL script folder, which you can change using the browse button. :D

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    Thanks. That's exactly what I needed. :P
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