SQL Compare 5.2 & Vista

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Now that Vista is near release are you supporting products on Vista? I'm trying to load SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare on Vista RC2 and the interface doesn't work. When I try to open a menu item it draws a box around it but never populates the items.

Please advise!


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Austin,

    Thanks for asking. This is something that we are looking into at the moment. SQL Bundle will run on .NET Framework 2.0, so I would assume that it would run. But I don't know this for sure just yet.
  • I've tried running it in compatibility mode, with all graphical options turned off. I've even set it to run in 256 color mode. No dice. This is a huge issue. Any workarounds would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi there,

    all our SQL Tools use the DevExpress toolbar component. Unfortunately the latest version of this component does not render at all on Vista RC2. They are aiming to have an update available very soon. We will release all the SQL Tools with full Vista compatibility in December 2006.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • Hi,

    all the tools in SQL Bundle 5.3 will work correctly on Windows Vista.


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • I also have VS 2005 SP1 installed.

    The program splash screen comes up, but then I get the "This program has stopped working" dialog.

    Filemon shows that the last component loaded before the exit is :


    Don't know if that helps.
  • Hi there,

    we are looking into the affects of SP1 right now. Can you confirm that the product worked correctly before you installed SP1?


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • I installed VS SP1 before Red-Gate this time.. Sorry!
  • I'm seeing the same issue with SP1. Do you have a solution for this?
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    You mean, Visual Studio 2005, Service Pack 1, when running on Vista, 32-bit?
  • I also have VS.NET SP1 and RedGate 5.30. I own a license to the software, but as soon as I start any of the products, I get the "SQL Compare 5 has stopped working" dialog. No information is logged to the EventViewer, so I'm pretty much out of luck.

  • I have the following:

    Red-Gate: 5.30
    Windows: Vista
    Visual Studio.NET: 2005, SP1

    When I start up the SQL Packager I immediately get an error that says:
    The type initializer for DevExpress.XtraGrid threw an exception

    When I open SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare, the software fails immediately without any error message
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    We have three different issues here. The last one is one we know about, and has nothing at all to do with Vista. You'll probably need to uninstall SQL Bundle, delete all files from c:\program files\red gate\sql bundle and reinstall it. It's some issue to do with the licence for DevExpress components.

    The second issue looks like a problem with Visual Studio 2005 SP1. I am looking into this at the moment.

    You guys seem awfully hasty to blame Vista! :-)
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    By the way, going back to the original forum topic, SQL Compare 5.2 is incompatible with Vista. You'll need to upgrade to 5.3, which is free if you already have 5.2.

    In order to end some of this confusion, I am locking this topic. If you believe you have a Vista related problem with SQL Compare 5.3, please post a new topic.

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