Profiler 2.7 - Profiling web Service Authorization Issue


I am having a problem after updating to profiler, being I specify a web service on my local machine to profile and when it loads the service it changes the port to 8013 and I get a 401.1 Authorization error. The security is set to everyone full access (as its my local dev box) also I have added IUSR and ASP.NET user access as well. I am stumped, any ideas would be apprecieated.




  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Craig,

    I don't know where ANTS Profiler is getting this port number from. It must be in the IIS configuration somewhere, perhaps on a different website, if your IIS is hosted on a server-class OS with multiple websites.

    Can you try entering the web applications's port number manually into the address textbox of ANTS Profiler? For instance: http://localhost:8080/default.aspx. Maybe this can work around whatever configuration problem IIS is having at the moment.
  • Hi there,

    when you profile IIS 6 we no longer restart IIS to profile your ASP.NET web app. Instead we create a new w3wp.exe process running in a new app pool. We also set the port number to 8013. If this is causing you problems then I can suggest the following

    1) Change IIS to run in IIS 5 isolation mode. This will cause ANTS to restart IIS when you start profiling

    Best regards,

    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
  • Hi Tom

    Thanks for that. Seemed to do the trick. I had a play around to try and get it working without running in isolation mode. Managed to get profiler to load the app without the 401.1, but Profiler kept reporting that the web application wasn't loaded since it wasn't a web application. Thanks for the advice, at least I can profile now so I am happy. BTW the new interface is nice, keep up the good work!


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