Trying to troubleshoot issues

sunbakedsunbaked Posts: 12
edited October 20, 2006 7:15AM in SQL Log Rescue
Hi. When i trialed SQL Log Rescue i seemed to get exactly what i needed, now that i have purchased it though i can't seem to get anything - i am not sure if i am doing something different this time or if there is some other issue.

I have an application in production at a client site but am having some weirdness i am trying to troubleshoot. I have backed up both his database & transaction files (180MBs, 5.2GBs respectively). I restore the database on my development server and then start a new project. I point to both the bak file & the trn file when prompted and they are accepted and i am free to process the logs.

Next step though it tells me "No transactions are recorded in the database log. Re-run the Project Settings wizard..."

The client's production server does not have your application running on it, i am not sure if that makes the difference? I am looking for a product to analyze the backup (db & trn) to evaluate - is this maybe not the product for me or am i missing something simple?



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