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Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing. The example is designed to be self-contained: it
shows how to set up a data comparison, save the settings to a file, and load
the file from disk again.

You can load a project file into a Project object at any time with the
LoadFromDisk method, then you can use those settings through the Compare
method of the Project object:

Project project2=Project.LoadFromDisk(@c: estproject.sdc, true);

Console.WriteLine("Project loaded");

//compare it

Console.WriteLine("Comparison run");

//dispose of the ComparisonSession


Brian Donahue

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"Paul Buxton" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> The sample SqlDataCompareCodeSnippets is confusing.
> What do I need to actually do in initialisation before creating a Project
> object, and loading the SDC?
> The sample, already sets stuff up before saving the project and
> reloading it.
> Can you see where I'm confused?
> Thx
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