Comparing encrypted sprocs

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When comparing databases with encrypted sprocs in version 4, it would just create an alter script for each encrypted sproc. This was fine and good because it didn't matter if it changed - it would alter it anyway. But with version 5 it now gives me a warning saying it won't alter encrypted sprocs and gives me no way to override this. This is causing a huge PIA because now we have to go through a lot of hoops to get these sprocs updated. It doesn't hurt to alter an unchanged sproc - there is NO reason or benefit for this new behavior! Please tell me how I can compare 2 databases where the database being updated has some of the sprocs encrypted and some not.



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    Hi Dave,

    I'm guessing that you've moved your database over to SQL Server 2005. SQL Compare can't run it's sneaky encryption-breaking code against SQL Server 2005, because Microsoft has apparently fixed the particular security hole that SQL Compare exploited in SQL 2000.
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