Filter Values Included in Compare

cbondesoncbondeson Posts: 12 Bronze 2
Is there anyway to setup a filter value on a table by table basis to restrict the values that are compared? We have tables with identity columns (sysids) which we manage using our own custom logic. We define sysids below some value as being "System", and those above as being "User". It would be a tremendous benefit to set up filters to include/exclude "System", and or "User" values in the compare operation. The filter could be something as simple as "PatientID>100000" or "ListRecordDataID<1000000". This would also allow command line invocations of the product to create scipts to update remote dbs. We drive our application completely from the db, including captions for data entry, min/max ranges on input values, etc. etc. The decrease in time and errors would be a benefit of this type of filter process.


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