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Hello all.. I am thinking of buying a copy of LOG Rescue and had a question I didn't see answered in any of the demos or FAQ's. If I have a suspect database or a torn page can I use Log Rescue to find the transaction that caused the issue and roll it back? I ask because looks like you have to physically attach to the db and if the db is suspect you may not be able to attach. I have seen mention of using Log Rescue for disaster recovery - can you point me to some thread or info on how LR can be used for Disaster Recovery?


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    Hi Ken,

    Log Rescue would definitely not be the tool to use in this case. It assumes that you have a fully-working, consistent database. The way in which it helps recover data in the case of a disaster is if an unwanted query had been run, for instance:
    • You had been the victim of the fables SQL Server 'injection' attack
    • A rogue (or poorly trained) employee enters a query with no WHERE clause
    • An administrator 'accidentally' drops a table
    If the database is unavailable or broken in any way, it would be difficult or impossible to use Log Rescue with it, but if the database is functional and some data had accidentally been updated or deleted, it would be the tool to use to get it back.
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