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Hi Louis,

You can build an ExecutionBlock up using AddBatch(es), but it's probably
not the best idea. At least the help file doesn't recommend it!

If you need to store a representation of a database to a file, why not
save the snapshot in SQL Compare and load it again when you need it using
the LoadFromDisk() and SaveToDisk() methods?


Brian Donahue
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"Louis Romestant" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Hi;
> I save and execution block as a string by doing
> Work.ExecutionBlock.ToString() and then write that to a text file. Can I
> load the textfile into a string and then stuff it back into an
> ExecutionBlock? I want to build the reference database from scratch based
> on the results of a previous compare. So I would "Create database [name]"
> and then run your script against this new database to populate it. This
> database then becomes the reference to which all others are compared.
> Chicken and egg.
> If this were possible would I use AddBatch()? If so, then I just have to
> get my string formatted properly.
> Louis
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