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System Database Backups

TomRothTomRoth Posts: 7 Bronze 2
edited September 27, 2006 11:12AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I'm new to an organization that is using SQL Backup v4 to backup all of its corporate databases. It does not use this product to backup the System databases (master, msdb, etc.). The System databases are backed up using the general backup command:

Can I use SQL Backup v4 to backup the System databases as well? I would like to make all of my backups uniform. Is there an issue with restoring any of the System databases from a SQL Backup v4 backup file? Any other issues which I should consider before converting these backups to SQL Backup v4?

Thanks for any assistance you can give!!!



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    Hi Tom,

    Sure, you can use SQL Backup to backup system databases. The only issue to do with getting them restored is that SQL Backup's UI needs to make an extra connection, which affects the recovery of the master database. The workaround is to use the command-line sqlbackupc.exe to do the restore of the master database.
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