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I have two databases with two tables with the same structure. Both tables have a column name 'sub_uic', in tableA 'sub_uic' has data, in tableB 'sub_uic' has no data. I just want to update tableB with the data from tableA and NOT overwrite the entire row. There is data in tableB that is inputtedd by the user and never will be in tableA.

Any suggestions? Please let me know if you need more clarity.



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    The idea, as I understand it, is to synchronize the two tables, but leave a subset of records intact. This may be possible. You can use a WHERE clause to omit a set of records from a comparison, so if you can identify the data that you want to leave untouched, the WHERE clause would allow you to ignore these rows of data.

    The where clause is available through the 'tables and views' project setting.
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