Not generating objects in correct order

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I'm trying to replicate a SQL2K database onto an empty SQL 2005 database of the same name.

The scripts that SQL Compare generates doesn't seem to take into account object dependencies e.t.c

So, it starts with users and tries to add a member to a role that doesn't exist.

What am I doing wrong?!


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    Hello Nick,

    The scripts do take dependencies into account. There may be some special restrictions to do with users and roles, though.

    My guess is that SQL Compare is simply generating SQL 2000 commands to create logons in the script when it should be using SQL 2005 syntax (or vice versa) because in SQL 2000, there are stored procedures such as sp_addlogin and in SQL 2005 the syntax is CREATE LOGIN for example. Maybe switching the databases in the project settings, swapping the one on the right with the one on the left, then running the comparison again, would fix the problem?
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