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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your question. You can access an object's creation SQL
through the Region class. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll paste a bit
of the Toolkit help file:

The script for a SQL object is returned as a collection of regions. For
example, the SQL script for a table might contain regions for columns,
constraints and indexes, foreign keys and permissions

Use ToString to view all the SQL

Viewing the SQL script needed to create a table

Database db=new Database();

db.Register(new ConnectionProperties(".", "WidgetStaging"),

Work work=new Work();

//get the script for an object
Regions regions=work.ScriptObject(db.Tables[0], Options.Default);

Console.WriteLine("Entire SQL script:
{0}", regions.ToString());

Console.WriteLine("By region:

foreach (Region region in regions)
Console.WriteLine("***{0}", region.Name);

[Visual Basic]

Dim db As New Database()

db.Register(New ConnectionProperties(".", "WidgetStaging"), Options.Default)

Dim work As New Work()

'get the script for an object

Dim regions As Regions = work.ScriptObject(db.Tables(0), Options.Default)

Console.WriteLine("Entire SQL script:")
Console.WriteLine("{0}", regions.ToString())

Dim region As Region

For Each region In regions
Console.WriteLine("***{0}", region.Name)


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> Is there a way to capture the object definitions that are compared?
> For example, have access to Table1's "CREATE TABLE ..." script for each
> database that is compared..
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