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SQL Backup 4.6 GUI Issues

mglennmglenn Posts: 25
edited September 13, 2006 2:23PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I leave the GUI open for a few days with a specific database selected. Then SQL Server Agent backup jobs run using the SQL Backup extended stored proc. The new backup jobs do not appear automatically in the GUI. This behavior is expected. However:

1. Refresh (F5) is always grayed out so that I have to navigate away from the database and navigate back to see the new backups. In fact, Refresh is always grayed out so far.

2. In the database properties window (lower left) Last full backup shows the date of the last native backup. Several new full SQL Backup jobs had run, but the last full backup date did not update and again Refresh is grayed out. To reflect the latest backup date in properties window I had to close the GUI and open it again.


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