WindowsCounter SortIndex does not affect loadresults display

nikolaiblackienikolaiblackie Posts: 20
edited September 10, 2006 6:40PM in ANTS Load
I have a minor issue with the way that Windows counters are displayed in the results window. I have developed a range of counters over time that I am using to access improvements in the performance of our application.

Now I have tried to sort these counters so that they are grouped in order of Category and Counter. When I view the order of the counters in the edit load counters tab it lists them using the SortIndex stored in the ANTS project file XML.

After running a test the results display in the order they have been added to the project file.

Is SortIndex only a UI display index, and is not used to order coutner results? If so is there anyway other than manually editing the XML to order the results counter display order (I am tracking 30ish so I don't want to manually edit this is I can avoid it)?

Or is this a bug and SortIndex should be used?
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