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This is in our list of things to do. Thanks for pointing it out.


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> Brian, I'm was curious if you guys would consider adding a switch/option
> that would encrypt the stored procedures and functions when generating the
> install package so that they get installed "with encryption".
> Thanks.
> --Lenard
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    Hi Patrick,

    I don't know exactly when or even if at this point because we're still deciding if it's feasable at this point.
  • We are currently evaluating SQL Packager use in distributiong SP/F updates to our customers and have the same problem. Adding "With Encryption" to the code is an option, but of course, you risk encrypting unsaved changes during development (anyone ever done that?) or forgetting to add the option before creating the production version.

    By using a C# project we found a way to solve these problems. Code the phrase "--With Encryption" in the procedure (note the "--" comment indicator). Next modify the C# project (you can also change the code in the template files I think?) 'ExecuteSQLCommand' procedure as follows. There will be a slight performance hit, but I think the benefit outways the hit.

    I haven't checked to see if creating the EXE directly actually compiles the template code, which would eliminate the need to create the C# project.

    private void ExecuteSQLCommand(string sql)
    m_SqlCommand.CommandText = sql.Replace("--WITH ENCRYPTION","WITH ENCRYPTION");
  • I can confirm that this is something that we're aiming to do in the next patch for SQL Packager. This will be out in the next few weeks. It will also include compression so the executables that SQL Packager produces will be much smaller.

    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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