FEATURE REQUEST - pattern filter for objects

In our current project, we autogenerate literally thousands of stored procedures, and the generation is driven by end user behavior during runtime. This means that when we compare one database with another, we always have thousands of differences of “no importance”. The REAL differences are hidden within this noise…

A simple and elegant solution would be to include a text-filter per object type in the GUI – with wildcards and include/exclude functionality – since in situations like this, there are normally a system and pattern to the madness :-).

Another usage for the text-filter could be in the cases when people prefix parts of the database design in a systematic way – prefixes designating a subsystem within a system, so to speak, and you would only like to compare one subsystem with another.

I’ve also encountered systems that auto-generate tables, both for security reasons, partitioning reasons as well as temporary query results in some designs – to eliminate these "artifical objects" in a comparison with a simple text-filter would probably be beneficial for that kind of customer.

In the future, you might consider implementing filters regarding the CONTENT of the object scripts… like “compare all objects that have string ‘CustomerID’ in them” or perhaps “compare objects that have string ‘NB New version’ or whatever….




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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Joakim,

    Thanks for writing. You cannot filter objects by name in SQL Compare, but the command-line utility (SQLCOMPARE.exe) that is part of the 'professional edition' allows you to include objects by using a regular expression (wildcard, part-name matching, etc).
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